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      The CZECHOSLOVAKIAN WOLFDOG is a dog breed – generally of size medium large –  belonging to the primary group of Sheepdogs and Cattledog.

      It is a dog breed relatively recent; it is born from an experiment conducted in 1955 (in ex Czechoslovakian). After creating a selection line from crossing 48 specimens of work German Sheperd with 5 eurasian wolves, the project was that to create a hybrid breed between dog and wolf. This hybrid breed had to have temperament, mentality e potential training same a german Sheperd but the force, physical characteristics and the resistance same a wolf. At the end, the wolf physical appearancewith the dog behavior.


      Karel Hartl, Czechoslovak army colonel, tried to breed a female Carpathian wolf with 2 grey German Sheperd. The first male German Sheperd appeared mild, tame and completely submissive; the second male wild, born and raised in the woods and totally independent. the first attempt of coupling failed because of a violent reaction of the female wolf. The second attempt happened next year, and it was crowned with success, marking the beginning of the actual selection. This time to mate was the wild German shepherd.

      After this, further breeding allowed to fix the genetic traits and the character of the new breed.


      The percentage of wolf genetics is around 25 % - 30 % in most of the specimens, and 70 % - 75 % of  canine character. This breed was created in order to obtain healthy and resistant dogs, easily trainable, originally used in the Czechoslovak border guard - for purposes of control and patrolling of the border regions.

      Their initial characteristics were the strength (the Czechoslovakian wolfdog can cover up to 30% extra distance than German Sheperd, before highlighting the same signs of fatigue), dog snipping greatly developed and  the strong emotional bond with their human owner (it is a characteristic inherited especially from the wolf).


      Now, this breed is also used in activities of public aid.