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     To better understand the main tips on wolfdogs, the advice is to carefully read the above descriptions of CZECHOSLOVAKIAN and SAARLOOS WOLFDOG.

     Knowing their physical and attitudinal features, you will understand better some of their behavior, especially in the instinctive attitude. Once you understand the dynamics of these instinctive dogs, the next step is to try to predict their behavior , especially in stressful situations.

     It is important to note that the sources of stress of a human being are completely different from those of a dog. For a dog the main sources of stress are not only those of innate character (for example the presence close to another dog's aggressive attitude and strongly dominant), but they also derive from lifestyles wrong that men impose to dogs.

     As seen above, a CZECHOSLOVAKIAN or SAARLOOS WOLFSDOG has very high energy; it needs to move often during the day, it needs to know, to sniff, to experience (remember that it has extremely sophisticated senses), in addition to having an innate need to feel an integral part of an herd.

     So if you leave him alone all day in an enclosure or with limited space, it will be subject to a very strong stress. Therefore, everything that will grab his attention in these situations of instability will be associated by the dog with something negative. For example, the passage next to his enclosure of another dog, a bicycle or the postman, are additional sources of very strong stress.

     For presumption and for superficiality, humans think to understand the behavioral complexity of our dogs. Instead we are almost always underestimated and we are not considering his needs to STAY AWAY FROM SOURCES OF STRESS.

     Therefore you absolutely not underestimate all these mental processes that a dog makes. It is important for the quality of your relationship with your dog, and in some cases this may influence your health, the dog health and the health who your dog meet on its way. Dogs with strong loads of stress can also become uncontrollable until the dangerousness.

     The danger posed by certain dogs "OUT OF CONTROL" is not directly related to the dog race, but how a man manages and grows the dog.

     With particular reference to the SAARLOOS WOLFDOG, his character is very delicate. So even if it is forced to do certain things - using a level of authority unstable or too aggressive towards the dog - It will show negative results and ruin the good achieved until now.

     Bearing in mind all that, let's review some helpful tips.