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     It is a strong dog, full of energy and very vital. It has great intelligence, underlined by a look lively, and then it learns very quickly from the observation of facts and circumstances.  Nevertheless, the character turns out to be also very independent and therefore the submission to the authority of the leader of the herd can also be long and difficult. Also it appears  to be rather  reserved.

     With the owner it establishes a strong bond, extreme loyalty, respect and almost morbid attachment. The attachment to the owner derives directly with a strong instinct of herd (typical of the lupus of their origins), which leads him to see in humans their leader.

     The key thing is (for the owner) to have a strong leadership quality; it must be understood as the ability to be assertive and to impose its authority (obviously , ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT ANY KIND OF PHYSICAL AND / OR PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE).

     This type of dogs needs to constantly have a reference point, that gives them very specific rules and that can correctly distinguish when it is time to perform a specific activity (for example the walk - that they identify with the classic migration of the herd from one territory to another - or exercise and mental learning).

     With this type of dog you require a lot of patience and you need to be assertive with the proper authority (even more than with the CZECHOSLOVAK WOLFDOG).

     As difference from, CZECHOSLOVAKIAN WOLFDOG, a lack of proper and balanced leadership can lead more easily SAARLOOS WOLFDOG towards instability (it represented as a form of fear and almost vanishing).

     Exercising the proper authorities will not be difficult to reach even to live in a house in harmony (combined with the fact that the SAARLOOS WOLFDOG is extremely attached to his herd leader).

     You always hold in high regard that the SAARLOOS WOLFDOG has need of a lot of movement, so if it is held together with you in the apartment you'll have to arrange to give him plenty of exercise and mental (walks, games research, racing, …).

     Once it feels accepted and integral part of the herd, the SAARLOOS WOLFDOG has a very good relationship with the kids (and more in general with the family), especially if the dog has been used since the beginning to the contact with the children themselves.

     Overall it is a dog by the great temperament, lively and very active and that needs a lot of movement and mental activities.

     Its nature requires early socialization, through gradual and continuous exposure to a range of environmental stimuli. These stimuli can be contact with other dogs or pets, but also with adults and children. Various sounds and noises (as the traffic noise) can complete this wealth of experience.

     By doing so you will get a proper mental development and will not run the risk that the adult dog may be too timid , suspicious and fearful


Distinctive character:

Physically lively, very active and strong. Weather resistant.

Mentally it learns easily and very fast reactions.

Temperamentally independent. It is very curious, just to suit the characteristics of intelligence and learning.

Suspicious but does not attack without a reason. If he attacks , it does so mainly because of sudden fear or aggression suffered by other dogs or by humans.

In front of strangers he shows restraint but not nervousness .

Particularly faithful to the owner.

The SAARLOOS WOLFDOG is challenging, very intelligent, lively. Therefore it must be weighed seriously the choice to adopt one.

We must give great importance to proper socialization with " human chaos " from an early age

It  is a sociable dog, determined and very communicative,  and as such honors instinctively be the herd (the human family). In the case where one is excluded it suffers a lot and consequently creates problems (trying in every way to be part of it).

Socializing with the outside world and with unknown people must not be forced and traumatic. It should let the SAARLOOS WOLFDOG to approach spontaneously. You must leave that can sniff and observe all the time he needs before that man approaches him.

In reference to its hierarchical position it is also his model behavior.

A partial difference of the CZECHOSLOVAKIAN WOLFDOG is that the SAARLOOS WOLFDOG was not born as a working dog and search, but it is appreciated much as a companion dog for his dedication and devotion.

Should be avoided as much as possible all those monotonous, repetitive and unnecessary.