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     The body of the SAARLOOS WOLFDOG is toned, in shape harmonious and well proportioned. Body composition, movement, coat, color coat and mask have taken extremely close to those of the European wolf.

     The SAARLOOS WOLFDOG is characterized by a solid constitution of the skeleton, ligaments strong, well muscled limbs. The hind legs are very different from those of the German Shepherd.

     His joints are dry , the skin is elastic , the eyelids are close fitting.

     The legs give the impression of being long, but not disproportionate to the overall structure of the body.

     The way to look is alert, attentive and very intelligent.


     In general, many physical and morphological characteristics are very similar to those of the CZECHOSLOVAKIAN WOLFDOG, only to differentiate significantly in character.


Minimum height:

Male                65 cm

Female                        60 cm

Minimum weight:

Male                25 kg

Female            20 kg


The total length of the trunk slightly exceeds the size of the withers; it therefore gives a sense of proportion, but at the same time of  rush.

Symmetrical structure, well muscled. The sternum is broad and the ribs are well defined.

The distinctive, especially the mask, are typical of the wolf.

The nose is clean but not large , with a skull wide and flat (with a slight convexity in the upper region between the ears).

The nose is oval, black and large.

Lips are well ironed, with closed corners and edges blacks well defined and visible. The lips do not overlap.

Strong jaw and symmetrical.

The teeth are well developed, especially the canines.

The eyes are narrow and oblique. The color of the iris is generally clear, amber, but can also be brown in the samples closer to the German Shepherd.

Ears are straight, thin and triangular-shaped, which start large and end pointed shape. They are fleshy and covered with soft fur (externally and internally).

Dry neck , well muscled.



The top line is characterized by the gradual transition from the neck to the trunk, slightly sloping.

The Withers is well muscled and pronounced, but it does not stop the progress of harmonious topline.

Solid back and right.

The area of the kidneys is straight, well muscled, not broad, slightly sloping.

The chest is symmetrical, well muscled, broad, pear – shaped, very characteristic and narrowing towards the sternum.

Taut belly, arched.

Groin shaped hollow.

The tail has hanging high, it hangs loosely down during rest. When the dog is excited usually raises the tail sickle-shaped. When the dog is scared, the termination of the tail is stiff and bent over the belly.

The tail of SAARLOOS WOLFDOG is not of great mobility; it is therefore used when the dog performs rapid movement and fast, or when the dog uses it as an act of intimidation towards other dogs.



The forelegs are long, solid, parallel, neighbors, and straight, with feet slightly turned outwards.

The elbow is attached to the chest, and it does not protrude beyond the line of the limb; it is well marked and very mobile.

Forearm: long, dry and straight.

The feet are large, slightly turned outwards and with long and arcuated fingers; the nails are strong and dark.

Pads well developed, elastic and dark.

The hind legs are powerful and parallel.

The thigh is long and well muscled.

The hip is strong and well mobile. The shin is long, dry, well muscled.


Dog coat:

The hair is strong and smooth, generally not long.

The typical colors ranging from black light, the light and dark gray (unique characteristic of specimens closer to wolves), the brown and the gray tones.

There is big difference between winter and summer coat.

In winter the undercoat predominates; combined with the hair it forms a thick coat that covers the entire body.

It’s necessary for the hair to cover the belly, inner thighs, inner ears and areas between the fingers.