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      The SAARLOOS WOLFDOG is a dog breed – generally of size medium large –  belonging to the primary group of Sheepdogs and Cattledog.


      As was it mentioned  for the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, also the Saarloos Wolf is a relatively new breed of dog, born from a selective inbreeding specimens of dog and wolf. As it did for the CLC, it was initially met a male German Shepherd with a female wolf. From the first crossings of dog and wolf, the breed that ensued lent itself favorably to the working activities. In the later stages the selection was directed more on the characteristics of the wolf, losing almost entirely the work attitude.

      Resulting strictly from the wolf, it is distinguished by the strong character and suspicious character. It has a deep intelligence and great sensitivity. Despite the physical and structural similarities with the CZECHOSLOVAK WOLFDOG, the SAARLOOS WOLFDOG differs much in the behavior. The SAARLOOS WOLFDOG is a wolf with excellent temperament, full of energy, with a good basic health, but by nature very proud and also independent. It has great intelligence.

      It is suspicious and very private, but with his own herd creates an affinity and a very strong relationship; it feels the herd like something to protect and defend steadily. The SAARLOOS WOLFDOG is a dog that has both the physical aspect and the character very close to the lupus breed (more than  CZECHOSLOVAK WOLFDOG).


      The SAARLOOS WOLFDOG is probably the breed of dog that is closest to the wolf. It is observed more on kennels, where you can observe small-scale interactions between the various specimens of the breed. These interactions closely resemble the relationships that is developed in the herds of wolves. SAARLOOS WOLFDOG has a well-defined character, proud and stubborn, very difficult to modify or reroute. The only way by which modify its behavior is to become the leader of the herd.

      For this reason, those who decide to keep a SAARLOOS WOLFDOG must make this conscious choice; this breed is suitable for those who have much time to dedicate, it is suitable for those who have the makings of a leader. You must impose your authority calmly , methodology and consistency.


    In short, this is not a dog for everyone.