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  1. For a healthy coexistence and for a beautiful relationship, the herd family leader in your family you'll have to be you, and not your dog. Therefore you have to constantly exercise your authority, without coercion and violence;


  1. Never ever use violent methods and aggressive towards your dog;


  1. CZECHOSLOVAKIAN WOLFDOG and perhaps even more SAARLOOS WOLFDOG have a very strong attachment to their herd: better to stay in a small apartment with its owner, rather than in soil from 1 hectare constantly only;


  1. Give your dog commands very precise, and above all more consistent. Do not confuse the dog by giving him a command one day , and the next day an opposite command. For example, if you decide that your dog can not and should not go up on the couch or in bed, denial must be always;


  1. In the animal herd in the wild, a fundamental moment in which it is exercised authority and hierarchy is the time of food. Do not allow your dog to jump on you while you are giving the food. You have to create a space between him and his bowl, space that your dog will never exceed: does not take much, also only 15-20 cm, but for him and for you that space must be a rule. You paid to him the food in the bowl while maintaining that space, and then turn aside. Only when you give him the go ahead he will go to the bowl;


  1. That food is now his rightly. So it is not correct that at this point you try to take it away. If there is an important reason, the dog will respect your wishes and you will have to get used to not growl if you put your hands to his bowl. It is not absolutely correct abuse this authority;


  1. When you leave your home or you came back, the first to leave or enter must to be you, and not the dog. So before you go out for a walk, you slung the dog away from the door and you create your RULE SPACE between you and the door, that your dog will not have to pass up before your command;


  1. If you are at home in two , three, four ... each of you should be able to exercise its authority on your dog;