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  1. The CZECHOSLOVAKIAN and SAARLOOS WOLFDOG have high energy; both are dogs of medium and large size naturally need a lot of movement. Not for this you must necessarily take them out for hours in a day. Good advice can be to make at least 3 walk out per day, not less than 30 minutes for each walk out;


  1. With a CZECHOSLOVAKIAN WOLFDOG and with a SAARLOOS WOLFDOG is hard to imagine a walk of a few hundred meters in 15 minutes, as might happen with a pincher. You must try to keep a pace determined, allowing the dog to suit his needs. You remember that these types of dogs are born with the characteristics of a tireless worker or walker;


  1. Ideally, it would also do the race with your dog, or take it with the roller skates. In the first case the management of the dog is still easier, in the case of skates instead you will need to have basic still a good control of your animal. If the dog becomes difficult to manage when he sees other dogs or cats, the advice of skates cannot be used;


  1. In the nature of this type of dogs, the walk should replicate what in nature for a herd is migrating from one area to another. During the migration of herds, Wolves follow the signs and the road dictated by the herd leader. Therefore , it would be appropriate that the owner was trying to replicate these attitudes. So , the signs of the owner must be enforced to the dog with determination but always without violence and coercion;


  1. For CZECHOSLOVAKIAN and SAARLOOS WOLFDOG, smelling is one of the main activities. But you must make it clear to your dog that there are quite specific moments in the walk, and that those moments dictated them and you make them respect you as leader. So, you must be consistent: if you decide that in the first walk phase you must walk  without paying attention to secondary activities (like the smell or the game), then this process will have to be maintained every time go out for a walk. Afterwards there will be time for snuff, for game and finally you resume walking toward home;


  1. For the health of the dog and for a proper balance of his behavior, you must absolutely avoid the dog picks up food from the ground, although the food seems intact and apparently not very dirty. Gather food from the ground can cause animal gastrointestinal infections;


  1. When you are walking your dog should not pull you. The most suitable choice would be to use a rope by 1 - 2 meters and a harness, trying to keep the rope slightly soft. If the dog began to pull, pulling the rope with small taps to you, you should understand attention that the dog back on you, above all by the attitude of the tail and ears;


  1. With this type of dogs, the personal advice that we feel to give you  is that the extensible leash is not indicated. First, because it doesn’t give to dog a sense of authority and control that you should infuse; second, the CZECHOSLOVAKIAN and SAARLOOS WOLFDOG are of medium large size, leaving them 3 - 4 - 5 meters of space, in emergency cases it becomes very difficult to manage the dog;